Making Better Relationships

Great relationships are the foundation of happy and fulfilling lives. Yet, finding and maintaining great relationships is hard. Unveil.Social, SBC™ helps people define their relationship needs, intentionally connect where they honestly align, and safely explore deeper potential relationships.

Our vision: Redefine social discovery and engagement to create intentional relationships.

Empowering Real Connections

We build real human connections: in-person, device-to-device, and heart-to-heart. Our technologies help unveil what’s most important and build honest spaces for real conversations and understanding.

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CanWe: In-Person Dating Quiz

CanWe is an in-person quiz app that uses life's biggest questions to help people get to the punchline faster in their relationships. Using countless hours of research and in partnership with sociologists and psychologists, CanWe takes the fear out of blunt honesty, by giving users the option to only see the things that they agree on.

See if he’s worth hiring a sitter for a third date. Get the information you need to build that emotional safety for yourself before you go all in. Have the scary conversations that feel too intense for a text, but that can be so hard to have on the fly.

See where you’re in sync, with CanWe.

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