Making Better Relationships

Great relationships are the foundation of happy and fulfilling lives. Yet, finding and maintaining great relationships is hard. Unveil.Social, SBC™ helps people define their relationship needs, intentionally connect where they honestly align, and safely explore deeper potential relationships.

Our vision: Redefine social discovery and engagement to create intentional relationships.

Empowering Real Connections

We build real human connections: in-person, device-to-device, and heart-to-heart. Our technologies help unveil what’s most important and build honest spaces for real conversations and understanding.

Self-Sovereign Identity with Sovrin

Trust and safety are the two hearts of meaningful connection.

A founding principle at Unveil.Social, SBC™ is to build a social discovery platform where data security takes center stage. We’re proud to be a Founding Steward of, an alliance developing a global open source blockchain framework for self-sovereign identity. We look forward to researching how self-sovereign user identity might further trust for users to be and share their true selves.

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Parallel: Relationship Compass

Our first app, Parallel, is our solution for more intentional and honest romantic relationships. Stop wasting energy and money with unaligned dates who don’t support your intentions, lifestyle, and orientations. By safely exploring each other’s romantic intentions and expectations (even the scary ones) in person, Parallel helps you quickly and honestly map romantic relationships with your partner.

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